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     Let's see... I purchased an awesome electronic drum kit along with some quality software drums, and some great studio monitors, so I've been recording some of my new material in the studio. I was hoping to have my album finished and release it at ApCal July 13, but now that is seeming less realistic since I'm doing everything myself. But I'll keep working on it as I can, and I'll have it done this year for sure!
     I auditioned for the show The Voice which was an interesting experience, and although I didn't receive a callback, I'm very thankful. I've been praying for God to guide my paths and when God closes a door, nobody can open it.  I also just started playing with a new drummer Quetzal Andrade, and a new bassist, his brother Quetzal E. Andrade who are both incredibly talented. They also happen to be Christian guys my age, who are fun and share my sense of humor. Tough combination to find, but that's exactly what I've been looking for. I'm optimistic about the possibilities of this new lineup, and I feel this is a door that God has opened. And when God opens a door, nobody can close it!
     With the new band assembled and ready to rock, look for BVB to start branching out and playing more shows in Fresno, Visalia, Bakersfield, and beyond! I feel empassioned to create an incredible and memorable live show and take it to the streets, showcasing the band and hopefully selling obscene quantities of CDs haha. God has His hand on my life, and whatever direction He leads me, it is going to be incredible!


Check out the new band performing an acoustic set here!
This was the first time we had played together at all and it was great fun!

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  • Greg Rockfellow
    Greg Rockfellow
    Bryan, Saw you playing at Harris Ranch on Saturday evening. Love your sound.

    Saw you playing at Harris Ranch on Saturday evening. Love your sound.

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