Summer Recap

It was a long, busy summer for me and the guys...and our families! We worked hard and we played hard, and still managed to find some time to kill chasing the sun. a media tour to promote the album release, the release party, a tour in Hawaii, a tour of the central coast, a couple wedding performances, my 10-year class reunion, and of course our regular busy schedule of central valley shows. Settle in while I break it all down for ya!

In May we did a bunch of interviews, and TV and radio appearances to promote the album release. It was a lot of fun talking about the band and our music, and it was really cool broadcasting the world premiere of Draw The Line in its entirety on the radio station I grew up listening to. We're planning to get back into the station sometime in early 2015 to do some live in the studio performances on the air. (Maybe to promote something new and exciting?)

The album release party was Friday June 6th at ApCal Winery in Fresno, CA and it was a lot of fun. Over 600 people attended, and we were there all night signing CDs, taking pictures, and selling shirts and hats. Here is a picture of us at the merch booth with some friends and our Michael Jackson mannequin rocking that Bryan Vickers Band swag: 

Two days later, the family and I got on a plane for Oahu, HI for a wedding and a few shows to support the album. The guys and their ladies flew out and joined us on Wednesday. We were fully loaded down with guitars, equipment, and baby stuff. It was our first time flying with our son Shepherd, who was 14 months old at the time. He was amazing. Took a good nap, flirted with the flight attendants, worked out his restlessness scampering down the aisle smiling, waving, and chattering to anybody who smiled back.

The first few days in Hawaii we realized vacations are never going to be the same as they were before kids. Granted this trip was part business, and part pleasure. But gone are the days of lethargic downtime and carefree planning (or lack thereof). It took us some time to adjust to the idea that our vacation still included a whole host of responsibilities and obligations to someone other than ourselves...I still don't think we're totally over it. Haha. But we had a blast playing with our little man on the beach and during his naps we crammed in as much nothing as we possibly could.

The following Friday, one week after the album release, we jaunted over to the North Shore to the world famous Turtle Bay Resort for Bryan Vickers Band's Hawaiian debut at Surfer: The Bar. What an amazing show! That place is seriously hooked up. The stage, the lighting, the sound booth, and of course the crowd were all just incredible. The North Shore knows how to party! I expected nothing less. We played 3 hours of our most rocking tunes, and then the crowd took up a collection to try and pay us for another hour. Now normally, we never say no to an adoring audience (especially when they're throwing out the big bills) but we had a wedding to perform for the very next day, and we wanted to be in our best condition for such a special event.

The wedding was a really nice beach ceremony at this gorgeous house on the North Shore. It rained briefly, my dad slipped and broke his back while getting towels for people (a story for another time but no worries, he's already back in action - can't keep that guy down for long), Megan chased our wild dancing machine son, a couple amazing people joined their lives together, and a good time was had by all. 

The next week we had some days to kill...and boy did we KILL 'em! A Luau, some surfing, a catamaran cruise, and plenty of beach time. The guys and I always have great time together, but it was really nice having our families together too. We all got a lot closer and did some serious family-style bonding. I now truly consider them family and I can't imagine life without them! Here is a video and a picture of our shenanigans:

At the end of the week we played a show at the Hard Rock Cafe Honolulu in Waikiki. It was really cool to play at the Hard Rock Cafe, and a group of some of the most popular local musicians came out to watch our show. They were all really impressed and gave us a ton of praise which always feels great coming from other respected musicians! The guys from The White Jacket even loaned us a keyboard, they were really awesome guys and I hope we can get them out to California soon! Hard Rock also told us we earned their reference if we want to play at any of the other Hard Rock Cafes WORLDWIDE! So I'm sure we'll be taking them up on that.

The day after Hard Rock, the guys and their ladies hopped on a plane back to Cali, and took my guitars with them so I could help my injured father when we left the following Thursday. It worked out well, because little did they know I had them smuggle a couple pounds of that Maui Wowie in my guitar cases. Haha! (Just kidding, NSA, don't get your little peeping Tom panties in a bunch.) None of us do drugs, the guys never have, and I was delivered from that lifestyle almost 8 years ago. And while I've been known to enjoy a beer or two now and again, the guys don't drink at all, and never have. So for the sake of solidarity, I pass on having a beer at shows and stuff. We are a sober band! Tell me THAT'S not unique! (Disclaimer: I did warn them that "Vacation Bryan" would DEFINITELY be sipping on a Mai Tai or a cold beer now and then while we were in Oahu haha.)

When we were all back in California, we took some time off from the band. One day to be exact. Then we played another wedding here in the valley, a couple shows at our favorite clubs in Fresno, and I went right back out on the road. This time I was down on the central coast for a week, playing acoustic shows in Los Osos, San Luis Obispo (their farmer's market is absolutely incredible by the way, what a fun gig!), and Paso Robles. The guys drove down and joined me for a big show at the end of the week at Barrelhouse Brewery in Paso Robles. Then back to the central valley playing the local clubs again! A fan at our Barrelhouse Brewery show sketched this awesome picture of the band onstage and threw it in our tip jar! We gave him a free copy of the album for being so awesome! I posted it on reddit and somebody added some color to it, check it out!

It's been a crazy summer. We've made a lot of new friends, played a lot of cool shows, and I feel like there's some good momentum behind us. In fact, we have some really exciting news just on the horizon! But I can't talk about it just yet. My next post will probably be a short story about a magical place called high school reunion, and the things I learned from mine haha. 

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And if you missed the album release party at ApCal that kicked off our tour, DON'T miss our show at ApCal October 3rd when we officially bring our wet hot American summer to a close.

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  • Larry Llanes
    Larry Llanes Madera, CA
    You guys are Awesome!!! Keep on ROCKIN and I'm glad to call you all my friends... CHEERS from Crazy Larry!! :)

    You guys are Awesome!!! Keep on ROCKIN and I'm glad to call you all my friends... CHEERS from Crazy Larry!! smile

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