Ramble On

Well 2015 is here and Bryan Vickers Band is ramping up for another amazing year of shows, touring, music videos, and recording!

We have scheduled a series of rehearsals to design a bigger, better, and overall more jaw-dropping live show, and we are currently planning summer tour dates to take this show on the road! The goal is to play as many awesome shows as possible up and down California (and maybe Vegas?) throughout June and July. So if you want us to play a show in your area, drop us a line with your favorite live music venues, or even how many people you're willing to invite over for a private house concert!

Our album is now FREE to download for those of you paying attention ;) so if you haven't gotten it yet, you should definitely check it out! (Of course we still encourage you to pay whatever you can to keep this dream alive! haha)

We had an amazing tour Last Summer in Hawaii and on the Central Coast, so here's to another incredible summer of adventures and Rock n Roll!



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