BRYAN, and WEDDINGS, and FAIRS... Oh my!

Wellllll... Here's a new demo for you guys! PLEASE email me back with some criticism and insight from your perspective! How can my songs be BETTER?! You the fans are the ones who know good music!

This song, titled "If I Could" was written some time ago, and an unfinished rough cut of it can be found on my first demo, which many of you have. HOWEVER, this new recording now features the full song with a freshly penned chorus! I'm happy with it, but of course it is still a demo, and will hopefully soon receive the full treatment. (Drums, Bass, Vocal Harmonies, and a spine-tingling guitar solo!)

I plan to complete these recordings in my BRAND! NEW! HOME STUDIO!!!

That's right, here at Bryan Vickers Base Camp, new carpet is going into a certain room, to be followed promptly by toys, tools, and totally tubular decorations! Once the studio is complete, I solemnly swear to all you wonderful fans, I will be diligently working on completing new studio recordings for the next BVB release! Stay tuned to receive a free copy!

Also it's wedding season! BVB has been performing for quite a few lovely young couples in the past few months! I love being a part of such a wonderful event, and the couples I've worked with lately have been really awesome. I usually learn a few songs specifically for the spouses-to-be, so I've added a few new ones to my repertoire as a result. It also affords me the opportunity to spiff myself up a bit and perform like a real class act, so if YOU know anybody exchanging vows in the near future, some live BVB music can really bring some additional atmosphere to the event, so send them my way!

Now, for those of you living in or around Kings County, the fair is coming up in the second week of July. And BVB will be performing Thursday July 7th at the large outdoor amphitheater near the main entrance. It will be a 30 minute set with the full band (Kyle "Keep-it-rockin" Avila on drums & Dean "Drop-the-beat" Hoover on bass), so get there early to catch the other acts and get great seats for what is sure to be a ROCKING BVB PERFORMANCE!

I say again, SEND ME SOME FEEDBACK! I don't have enough contact with my peeps! I love hearing your opinions, and discussing music (or life in general) with all the cool people who support me! So please, don't hesitate to write about anything! I take advantage of having your email address, so take advantage of having mine!

Until next time, enjoy the new song!


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