The only guaranteed path to success is to make music so good people just HAVE to share it with everyone they know... small task.

There is no formula you can follow, because people don't know what they will like…Read more

Ramble On

Well 2015 is here and Bryan Vickers Band is ramping up for another amazing year of shows, touring, music videos, and recording!

We have scheduled a series of rehearsals to design a bigger, better, and overall more jaw-dropping live show…Read more

Summer Recap

It was a long, busy summer for me and the guys...and our families! We worked hard and we played hard, and still managed to find some time to kill chasing the sun. a media tour to promote the album release…Read more

Hanford Sentinel Feature

Here is the full feature written in the Hanford Sentinel about the Bryan Vickers Band, the Draw The Line album release party, and the tour. Enjoy!

The Central Valley’s music scene continues to impress and  The Bryan Vickers Band…Read more

Things that are true right now...

1. I have an almost 8 month old son named Shepherd Lincoln Vickers who is climbing up on the couch and pressing buttons on my laptop as I type this.

2. BVB have been working on our album the past…Read more


Ever look around one day and realize you are right in the thick of it all? Life is happening. Your schedule is full, your plans are many, your future is coming into focus. Yet the possibilities remain endless. Pieces are…Read more

Bryan Vickers BAND

     Let's see... I purchased an awesome electronic drum kit along with some quality software drums, and some great studio monitors, so I've been recording some of my new material in the studio. I was hoping to have my album finished…Read more

BRYAN, and WEDDINGS, and FAIRS... Oh my!

Wellllll... Here's a new demo for you guys! PLEASE email me back with some criticism and insight from your perspective! How can my songs be BETTER?! You the fans are the ones who know good music!

This song, titledRead more


Guess I'm not very good at blogging.  I don't have anything exciting to talk about.  Life is busy, but good!  I joined the worship team at our church, playing for the first time this Sunday.  Also, I set up a…Read more