About The Band

      A bluesy alt-rock guitarist, a funky R n' B bassist, and a progressive drum major walk into a bar...

Bryan Robert Vickers

Music was always important to Bryan, having been raised on everything from Elvis and The Beatles to AC/DC and Nirvana. His dad remembers sitting with Bryan for hours as the child explored and listened to his collection of vinyl records, while his mom recalls car rides with an adorable 4-year-old belting out Bon Jovi's "Wanted Dead or Alive". As Bryan recounts in one of his songs, "Mamma taught me 'bout rock n' roll, daddy taught me 'bout the blues and soul...". His parents divorced when he was just a year old, yet they raised him together in two separate households in the same small town. Bryan played saxophone in school band and fooled around on a family piano before deciding to take up traditional rock instruments, starting on drums and eventually singing and playing guitar. But it wasn’t until his young world crumbled that he really sought it as a way to deal with life, love, and questions of God. Leaving behind his high school, his hometown, his friends, family, and the girl he had lost, Bryan found himself alone, addicted, and without purpose. Amidst the drugs, depression, and soul-searching, Bryan would find solace in an old guitar his uncle had given him. He didn’t quite realize how lost he was until his dad gave him one last chance to move away with him, leave his life of self-destruction, and start fresh. Bryan started on a path of redemption, holding onto only one thing from his past: his guitar. Using it as a tool to pick up the pieces of his life, rediscover his faith in God and in himself, and to connect with others who might be just as lost as he once was, he set out to change the world through music. Eventually, he recaptured the love he once lost and they welcomed their first son in April 2013. He formed the Bryan Vickers Band in 2012 with brothers Quetzal Emanuel Andrade and Quetzal Uriel Andrade, and they have been rocking shows all over California while writing and recording their debut album. At 28 years old, Bryan has experienced a lifetime of love, loss, and redemption. Now he's writing songs that speak to the soul, share his testimony, and call the world to action.

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Quetzal Emanuel Andrade

Quetzal Emanuel grew up playing the piano, drums, violin, and bass. Playing the drums was his obsession from middle school through college, but while he was working on his B.A. in Music Education with an Emphasis in Percussion at CSU Fresno, he started getting calls to fill in on bass for church services and different bands around town. Before long his reputation grew and his bass skills were in high demand. His passion quickly shifted from drums to bass, which was perfect since his younger brother Quetzal Uriel was learning drums. The brothers started jamming together at home, their inherent connection enabling them to feed off each other's ideas, and develop their own unique and dynamic musical language. He now plays bass, keyboards, and sings background vocals for the Bryan Vickers Band, having "a blast playing with my brother and Bryan". Quetzal Emanuel is also a passionate music teacher in his 5th year at Mendota Junior High where he teaches Band, Beginning / Advanced Guitar, and Beginning / Advanced Percussion. He plays bass at Sanger New Life Apostolic Church every Sunday morning, and piano at his dad's church, Templo Apostólico de Consagración in Fresno every Sunday afternoon. He attributes all his musical achievements to the Lord and to the support of his loving parents, who came from very poor migrant families, and could only dream of playing a musical instrument. After working hard for their education through all adversity, both earned Master's Degrees, and now support their children in the music world they had always longed to experience. Quetzal Emanuel hopes to become a loving husband with a wonderful familia, and follow his parents' spiritual footsteps and parental example, so that someday he too can support his children in whatever passion they seek.

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Quetzal Uriel Andrade

The youngest member of the Bryan Vickers Band is 25 years old, and has been playing drums since the age of 13. Having followed in the footsteps of his older brother Quetzal Emanuel, he spent many years doing band and drumline in school before graduating from CSU Fresno with a B.A. in Music Education, and is currently the band director at Mendota High School. Quetzal Uriel loves to learn, and especially enjoys challenging himself with new things. In this spirit, he has become a remarkably skilled drummer, with a technique all his own. His drumming incorporates razor precision from years of drumline training, an adventurous approach to the kit, and a wide array of highly entertaining stick tricks to produce an impressive and versatile playing style. These skills have landed him in various bands through the years, and even in a judge's chair for Guitar Center's Drum Off Competition. His preferred genres are funk and rock music, though he also has a love for progressive metal. He has the most fun playing when his brother is on bass, and when the Andrade brothers first started jamming with Bryan, Quetzal Uriel immediately enjoyed the dynamic. A natural showman, he loves to perform for people and play gigs with BVB. His outgoing nature makes meeting and talking to new people at shows one of his favorite hobbies. He also enjoys playing piano, chess, tennis, composing his own songs, watching sports, and has a huge collection of Blu-Ray movies (of which Bryan is incredibly jealous). The young virtuoso loves DW drums, and alternates between his two DW drum kits, one red, one black. Quetzal Uriel is looking forward to future shows and traveling with the Bryan Vickers Band, and is "still practicing drums to continually improve, and entertain our fans!"

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Band Bio

The Bryan Vickers Band is making familiar sounds with a unique and modern edge! Three young men from California blending elements of classic rock, funk, blues, and soul with a modern feel. Bryan crossed paths with the brothers Andrade while playing shows around California's Central Valley; a slice of Heartland filling the space between the Hollywood hills and the City by the Bay. A last minute show put the three of them on stage together without any prior rehearsal, but the fresh sound was both immediate and effortless; it was as though they had played together all their lives.

Bryan is a soulful vocalist with a powerful edge; and an insightful lyricist, touching on themes of life, love, truth, and spirituality. The brothers Andrade also share their first name, Quetzal (long story), and are both music major graduates from Fresno State University. They combine years of experience playing together with virtuosic skill on their instruments to form one of the tightest and most expressive rhythm sections around. Quetzal Uriel Andrade's exciting drum acrobatics and his elder brother Quetzal Emanuel Andrade's bass and keyboard tour de force provide the perfect backdrop for Bryan's versatile guitar playing and bluesy rock vocals. Playing an eclectic set of original songs and a choice selection of stylistically similar covers, the trio creates a very fresh and full sound.

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